PLEASE! Need help with this aim offset.

I have been relentlessly working on this aim offset for a few days. I almost got it figured out I think but I have hit a wall that I can’t get around.
I have been following the Aim_offset guide on the Unreal docs page. Every step I have done with no issues so far. But when I drag the Aimoffset blends into the anim graph and connect it to the final pose and then compile, the characters legs get all folded up. However if I test the aim offset in-game it works great aside from the leg malformation. I was messing around in the details panel of the anim graph and found the Alpha Scale Bias setting, the setting has two number boxes side by side, the first box has a zero and the one next to it has a 1. If I change the 1 to zero the legs go back to normal but the aim offset no longer works. I’ve messed around with the numbers but nothing works. Any idea? I tried uploading pics but wasn’t able to because they surpassed the KB cap. So hopefully this isn’t too confusing.

Any help would be nice.

If the animation is all messed up check if its a different reference pose or additive on it.
Maybe that will help, also are they correctly re-targeted?