Please mark plugins that can't be packaged

I just spend the last couple of days building a game based on the sound visualization plugin to find out today it can’t be packaged. Sucks… big time.

Please write at least in the descriptions when something can’t be packaged.

The game is a Christmas related game I wanted to send to a couple of people and now all this work was for nothing.

that would be the plugins issue not unreal engine’s tho’ right?

would probably be impossible for the engine to test every plugin to see if it was working with that engine version or not.

check with whoever made the plugin & see if it’s made for a certain engine version.
maybe you can update or rollback your project to another version & it work right.

anyway, good luck with it

The SoundVisualizations plugin is a built-in “runtime” engine plugin and is expected to work with packaging. Can you paste the error you’re seeing?

Hi Mike,
this seems to be not the case.

There are also numerous people having the same problem on the answer hub.

Thanks, right you are. I’ll sync up with Ben tomorrow and we’ll figure out how to get it sorted. Meanwhile hopefully it should be solvable with the source build from GitHub if nothing else. The code plugin system is still being developed so things are very much in flux – many apologies!


sorry veiovis, did not know this was in UE runtime, definitely needs attention then

Hi Mike,
do you have an update on this? Will this work in 4.7?

I think about launching a bigger project that uses the plugin so this information would be pretty important.


This plugin won’t work at runtime in the 4.7 release; it’s a limitation of the data available at runtime in the current audio system.

Please don’t post the same question multiple times, it makes it difficult for us (and other users) to follow the conversation. (

Sorry, after getting so many different answers I wasnt sure who really knows about it. Seems like no fix is on the horizon either like Doug said on Answerhub.

It would be simply nice to get a bit more clear communication on this. I will try to hire a C++ programmer now to make this work.

Would a regular C++ guy be able to figure this out? If you have any pointers what I could put in the job description that would help a lot.

Does this need a complete rewrite or can this be fixed working with the current code?

Apologies for the confusion. The plugin was a one-day Epic Friday thing that really was just an experimental example and not intended to be used further and due to some limitations with the plugin system when it was done, got inadvertently not marked editor only and experimental. I’ve been very impressed (and surprised) with the things people have done with it.

If you were to look at the code, it relies on having access to the raw wave data which is removed during the cooking/packaging process as only the platform processed data (OGG for most platforms, but not all) data is needed for a runtime game. As with many of the limitations of the sound system, a lot of this stems from the fact that we don’t currently have a software mixer and instead rely on the hardware to process the data for us. On some platforms, such as PS4, this means that we never have access to the raw wave data necessary to run the data through the FFT algorithms because the hardware itself does the work. All this is something that is going to hopefully be changing for the better in the medium term future as we have a full time sound engineer starting next week, but that doesn’t help you out today by any means.

To make the plugin work with packaged content, it will need to be rewritten/restructured to use the platform data instead of the RawData property of USoundWave and that is not something that will be identical (or even doable) for each platform. For the OGG platforms, for all sounds that are decompressed on load (driven via the Sound Group settings in Base/DefaultEngine.ini) you may well be able to get away with simply using the RawPCMData, SampleRate, and some other cached properties instead of extracting them from Wave Header in the RawData, it will require a bit of investigation and experimentation for sure. For non-OGG platforms, I’m not entirely sure what would be needed.

For your job description you are going to be better off looking for someone who has some background in audio programming.

Thanks a lot for the details Marc, this looks like a pretty hard problem to tackle. I think I have to wait for an official solution or do this with Unity.