Please make Outliner remember Expand states!

Dear Epic,

could you please add functionality to let the Outline remember nodes’ Expanded/Closed states!?
Once you start having many objects it becomes a nightmare to navigate and search for particular nodes.
For example I have hundreds of lights in the level and I don’t need them expanded but they take up all Outliner space and forces me to continuously scroll around to find other objects.

I think this is a small but very important fix to ‘easily’ improve productivity.


Hey Fredrum,

There is currently a feature request, UE-22913, for the ability to set the folders to expand or collapse by default, which would solve your issue. This feature request is being investigated by our developers, but as their efforts are currently focused on high-priority crash and showstopper bugs, there is no timeline for when the feature will be implemented. Thank you for your suggestion!

I believe what Fredrum requested is to remember which folders were left expanded and collapsed, even after closing the editor.
Making them all expanded or collapsed by default would come quite short to fixing his issue, as he would still have to manually expand or collapse to get to the same state of expanded/collapsed hierarchy after closing and reopening the editor.

I would second his request, and have the map save (and really remember) the state for each folder in the outliner

has it been implemented?

I cannot see the status of the feature request

While it is not a fix for the world outliner remembering the state of folders on play/stop or between edit sessions (something I sorely want), you can shift-click the folder triangle to collapse/expand everything below.

Is there any update on this matter?
Everything in the world outliner is still expanding when pressing play? I’m using Version: 4.24.1-10757647+++UE4+Release-4.24

Anyone? :wink:

Also weighing in here. I work with 3D CAD (Catia) for all modeling. 10,000+ parts is challenging to navigate. I know stitching upon import and other things help keep object count down, but I’m out of ideas here.

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yup, lets go unreal

So, still no updates on this? Quite annoying…