Please make local variables for Macros !

It will be a lot better then having to use all that wires.

…but then it wouldn’t be a macro.

If you need local vars, you probably want to use a function.

The problem with a function is that i have to have an exec inout and output and i cant have more then one, and when i use macro sometimes i get a mess of wires that could be prevented if i could use local variables as " wireless transmitters ".


Any idea how to fix the mess anyone ? this break for fooreach loop is messing things up !

I cant even make inner events ! Give me something dam-n-it ! :mad:

You can wait for the next update, functions will can be multiple exec.

OMG Are you serious ?! where did you see that ? please show me the source !

Because my word of honor probably in not enought :rolleyes:…

Hehe, it says somethings about enums ( Which i don’t really understand… ) but i don’t seem to find where they say that functions will have multiple in and outputs… :\

so bad men, :mad: Learn how to use before to continue programing, please.