Please make Landscape Visibility Mask customizable from editor blueprints or materials

There is a feature request for something similar here: Request: Use texture as "Landscape Visibility Mask" - UE4 AnswerHub
… But since I’m not sure if this can be achieved just by a texture on GPU, maybe changing the visibility mask from render target import via Blueprint function (something like the existing heightmap import function) would do the trick?

This would be very useful for procedural landscape altering tools or other landscape editor utilities.

Right! And it is important for us that the collision for the new mask updates in runtime as well.

Hey, any idea if this is even possible to implement in near future?
I’ve tried multiplying custom mask by the Landscape Visibility Mask node, lerping it, etc, but without any luck. I guess there is an extra collision updating step that can’t be done on pure material level…?