Please make it very simple to light your scene with a HDI or IBL

Please make it VERY simple to light your scene with a HDI or IBL!

I know that this is possible currently, but it really isn’t all that straight forward. Especially for an artist that wants to use the engine to display portfolio work and use UE4 instead of something like Marmoset Toolbag.

Currently it seems rather difficult to match the look and quality from Marmoset Toolbag with an IBl set up.

Also please make it very easy to use a resolution other than 512 X 512 for your IBL.

(Please forgive my ignorance if this is something that is already being worked on.)

Thanks for your consideration!

+1 to this!

I’ve heard that a lot of game designers prefer parametric skies now, but for ArchViz projects I think HDR is still preferable for it’s greater realism.

Marmoset’s feature to match/rotate a direct light to align with the sun in the HDR would be great to have.

Edit: Also! The feature for locking the direct light to the HDR, so you can rotate them together. Does Marmoset have any plans to develop for UE4?

Use a skylight, it will automatically capture your background and apply it as lighting to the scene. You can also choose to use a specified cubemap.

Yes, know about the skylight. But applying an HDRI as a background seems like it should be much simpler; need to remove the resolution clamping. (How to implement a standard cubemapped skybox? - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums). And it would be great to have some of the other Skyshop features mentioned.

Like blending different HDRI to make really smooth day/night transitions that aren’t procedural. EPIC definitely needs to work on a GI solution, because they still don’t have anything to match Cryengine or Unity when it comes to lighting large open areas. Not that I like those engines, but that is the one thing they are definitely better at than Unreal.