Please make Blueprint execution nodes a consistent size.

Most of the Blueprint nodes that contain execution pins are already a consistent size, however there are some that are not. For example, most of the nodes for working with Arrays are not. This means they have execution pins that are not consistently positioned like all other nodes. This results in blueprints that cannot be lined up neatly, like in the image below.


I’m aware that it is possible to select all the nodes and run a “straighten pins” on it, however that doesn’t solve the problem either. Doing this, just pulls all the other nodes off the grid alignment, which then makes the whole lot of them ugly.

This all might seem very petty, but when you work with them all day long and stare at huge blueprint graphs… small things like this really start to bug you… like having chewing gum on your shoe you can’t get rid of.

There are alignment, just right click on pins.

This might be of interest too. In UDK perfect alignment-to-top or whatever wasn’t even provided as an option.
But after a while as long as there’s a blank background and reason to the organization, the eye just lets it go…
What I’d like to see is an option to let users color code nodes, anyone know the engine settings for that…?

Please read my OP.

That is interesting.