Please make Animation Retargeting visual

Hello Unreal devs, Animation Re-targeting is a super awesome tool, but very frustrating to use in same time.

Could you please take in consideration to make this tool visual like this example:

  • split re-targeting windows in 2
  • left side “source” mesh with bones
  • right side “target” mesh with bones
  • select one bone in both sides, click “assign/select/…” or whatever word you think is better, and change those bones color to make user aware that those are already checked in
  • eventually display a list in both sides with what bones aren’t selected.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can let Epic knew about this idea in this link:

I’d +1 that. Retargeting is kind of clunky and could use a decent UI. I’d recommend stealing MotionBuilders UI setup for it.

@Jezcentral, you can move this post to Feedback if you like, I’ve put it here because I was thinking the Unreal dev’s who work on animation stuff visit this regularly.

Mod powers unleashed! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jezcentral, now let’s hope anyone read this.

Hey TDoro,

SOMEBODY DID READ THIS. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’ve entered a feature request in our system with your suggestions and a link to this post. So the more people that come here and +1 this, the better. Entered as UE-13216 (listed here for tracking purposes)

-Matt W.