PLEASE let us import .ogg format audio directly into the engine.

I have a bunch of music .ogg’s that I had to convert to .wav to get into the engine.

Average size of the OGG files: 1.7mb
Average size of the WAV files: 22mb!

It’s just inflating the size of my Perforce depot for no real reason. Don’t they get converted into .ogg by the engine anyway for runtime use? I understand the reasoning behind no .mp3 import, but surely .ogg should be okay?

What could have been a 15mb commit has now skyrocketed to around 200mb. Kind of insane really!

The reason is Vorbis is proprietary and source cannot be included in GitHub UE4.
Just a guess btw; maybe they just don’t bother.

the concept of 2 mb -> 20 mb rather weird, where this information comes from? what is the point? what happens with compression?

That’s probably it… dangit.

The .Ogg’s are compressed, WAV isn’t.

but 10 times, i know in programming it’s always trade off, space to computing time, but this particular one is huge


I know it’s not what you want but you can use Rama’s sound nodes.

Edit: also, you can implement vorbis ogg in to commercial software if you write your own implementation, alternativly using the vorbis obb sdk is bsd like.

First of all Vorbis is open source under a like BSD license.
Second one from what i know is included already in the engine and I see other users loading ogg, but is not included in the import options.

Any .wav you import get’s compressed into some other format anyway and is decoded at runtime. I always thought they compressed to .ogg in the engine anyway, which is why I’m baffled you can’t import them straight off.

Full-size audio files are way too massive to ship otherwise, it’s better to compress it and decompress at runtime.

Seems Hevedy is correct, Vorbis is completely open-source:

Thanks for that link actually, that probably suits my playlist system better in the long run!

As you can see that plugin don’t use a external solution but just the engine, so is included in the engine, just need add the system to import and convert to the audio system.

And what is the reason about MP3 ? i really wish that MP3 can be imported to the engine as i have 150kb sound mp3 and when i convert it i get 1.5 mb no mention the loss of quality during recoding .

MP3 is a proprietary technology with licensing costs.

I did a test yersterday, I’ve done a custom OGG importer and imported song files directly from .ogg…
The Editor doesnt support it, can’t even playback the sound or visualize the wave icon, etc. The uncompressed WAV raw data is always needed.

MP3 is a terrible format anyway, but that’s besides the point.

Seems silly right?

going to ask question out of this topic ,then what is the best way to import sound for mobile games ? i don’t have that much knowledge here ,when i try to get a sound FX original MP3 150kb i will have to convert it to WAV and that will make it 1.5 MB and this FX only for bullet sound that need to be activated every 0.3 sec for multi bullit fire and this is huge wast of resource and i don’t know how much is the size of the OGG file converted later for the android during coocking and i’m sure it not very small at least i want to know how can i control the size and quality of that OGG file that will be played at the end .

sorry again for asking this question here .

+1 to this, I have two projects that need several GB of disk space just because of the sound files.

The raw Wav / PCM data is only used by the editor I believe. When you package the game, it’s turned into some other compressed format - I would assume .ogg since ogg is fast to decompress. The .wav data is kept with the sound asset though so you can export / change settings later - similar to how textures store their raw import data in the asset until you package the game. You can change the compression level using the ‘Quality’ slider in the sound wave asset I believe. You can probably nuke that right down for mobile.

One other irritation is that only 44.1K & 16 bit is supported, and I think that’s playback as well. 44.1Khz for some items is unneccesary if you don’t need the hi-fi data, especially for things like mobile phone speakers which are appalling anyway.

Thanks a lot for all the info , i will try and check them . epic is epic and they have ton of update and feature every time our hope on them is very high :slight_smile:

Ogg/Vorbis is BSD-like licensed, and thus should be totally possible to include.
The release date for MP3 was 23 years ago, so any patent term that covers just playback should have expired by now.
I don’t know of a BSD/MIT-like licensed reader library, though, the obvious ones are more GPL-like.
You could also use the bundled decoders for each platform (Windows and MacOS X, at least) to read files.
The draw-back of that is that you could end up with files that would work on one developer’s machine, but not another, which is a bad place to be.