Please let me pick install location for the engine

I doubt I am the first one to request this, but please consider it a +1:

Please let the user decide the installation location of each engine version.

The basic reason(s) for this:
You installed the launcher on one drive and it gradually filled up over time. You want to add a new engine version, but there is no space on your old hard-drive. For compatibility to older projects and older example projects you need to keep the old engine version. So you have to move everything else on the same harddrive or you need to hack around in the explorer (which might not work properly), or you need to uninstall everything and reinstall it on the new hard-drive.
You also might want to have your main development engine on an SSD (which fills up quickly…) and the other engine versions on a slower hard-drive.

When the launcher is installed U might like to change its location to a specified drive … Something that might help U so that U might not run out of space . Just a small suggestion bro.

Sounds great (assuming that all new engine versions install on the new location and the old ones don’t break)! How do I do that?

Wont actually break anything at all . All U need to do is install the epic launcher to a new destination and when U download and install from there (New Launcher) irrespective of the version U will not destroy anything at all . For ex:_ If U have a launcher in C:\ drive and UE4.12 in C:\ drive and have another place where U have installed epic (say D:\ drive) and have 4.12 installed in D:\ drive the shortcuts U create or the launchers will only point/start their respective engines . I hope I was clear enough to U .

Thanks! That is a great solution!

  • I think having the option to have it all in one launcher would still be neat, but this is definitely a great solution!

No probs. bro . Have a nice day :slight_smile: