Please keep tutorials Up To Date


getting fed up of getting nowhere with ue4 i thought i would do a few tutorials, and…
still getting nowhere wooo

UMG inventory tutorial, part 4, 8:18
“right click and add event for button_0” is not there, unable to continue with this tutorial.

First Person Shooter C++
apart from all the TSubobjectPtr changes ect, there are problems/errors with ProjectileMovementComponent, unable to continue with this tutorial.

Please try to make an effort, the people who created the tutorials obviously put in a lot of time and effort, its a shame they are only viable for a few weeks until the next ue4 comes out.

I just wanted to point out something from the point of view of someone who writes tutorials for UE4.

I can understand that it is frustrating that the tutorials don’t work out of the box, but it really isn’t practical for a tutorial writer to keep things up to date quite so closely with a product that is fast changing like UE4. That said, I would like to point out that when I post a tutorial, I’m hoping what people take away from them isn’t just a “step by step” that they can follow and have it work, because if I were doing that I could just give out the end product and have the same effect. When I write a tutorial I’m trying to do my best to show the “why” as well as the “how” of it all. If you can understand the why, then the how becomes easier to figure out for yourself. In the cases you mention, there are likely alternative nodes or events you can use if you take the time to understand what the existing tutorial showed and then think through the logic of what it is trying to do.

I’m not trying to bash you or anything, I’m trying to get across that programming as a skill is as much about learning the patterns of problem solving as it is about specific knowledge of a particular programming language semantics. I’m an experienced C++ programmer, so when I go to do things with blueprint it is relatively simple for me because I simply type the name of what I assume the blueprint node would be for the thing I want. Most of the time that works, but if it doesn’t I then check the reference material and see if I can find an alternative name for the same thing.

I noticed a student of mine having the same problem recently. I’ve been constantly helping him in class to solve what are relatively trivial things in blueprint. What struck me was that he was seeing the same errors again and again, because he wasn’t learning the underlying pattern of his particular problem and therefore didn’t really understand the solutions I was showing him.

What I’m suggesting is that you treat any issues with specifics in tutorials as a learning experience. If there’s a node not showing up, try and think of ways to find out what the alternatives might be. First off, try and think of other names for the same functionality. Next you might look at the reference material online. Then you might come onto the forums and ask what the new way of calling the old changed node is.

I’ve seen several examples in the comments of my videos on youtube where someone has had a problem with a particular BP node due to a change in engine versions and posted a question about it. Then someone else who has had similar problems has posted a reply to them.

So instead of saying “unable to continue” you should be thinking “how best do I learn how to overcome this issue”. See what I mean? Use it as an opportunity to learn, rather than as a point where you give up. Trust me if you keep at it, you’ll be rewarded with a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

Just my small observation from recent life.

Agree! :slight_smile:
P.S. @tegleg-> Please read the private message I sent you. :slight_smile:

@zoombapup you know i used to write tutorials for udk right?
im just saying tutorials are out of date even for the latest features, it needs sorting out.

No I didn’t know that. I’m wondering what you propose here though, are you saying everyone who makes a tutorial has to redo it every update? Or do you mean someone should check them for functionality after each release. I’m not entirely sure how viable that is in terms of the cost to do that vs the needs of people for more tutorial coverage. If you mean the official documentation, then I fully agree that needs checking every update. But things like video tutorials? not sure how that could ever work.

I assumed this is what was meant and this does need to be part of Epic’s ‘to-do’ list with every update. It’s not hard at all to add new pop-up notes on Youtube vids that address changes… shouldn’t ever need to make a whole new vid unless something changed really brakes the work flow.

The problem with that is that someone has to then go through the whole tutorial every update. I don’t know about you, but I’ve done many hours of tutorial now and if I had to watch them all the way through I’d go crazy. Never mind watching them every update cycle.

The other point is that the update cycle is about to increase in speed potentially very soon, which would make that even harder.

This is a request impossible to achieve dude.

Curse (lol… can curse the world but not dam* it) the real world and our increasing thirst for new stuff. lol

The best we may be able to hope for is that Epic at least is on the ball and makes such changes, if only when it’s eventually reported to them.

Yeah you are write , i was having UE4.4 one time . After i installed and sleep for a few seconds they released v 4.5 .

Generally speaking, it doesn’t hurt to have multiple editions of Unreal installed if following the tutorials 1:1 is your goal. While more irritating however, you might find that you learn more by trying to solve the why of it. Really, it is unrealistic to expect Epic to adjust every single tutorial video to reflect trivial updates.

Edit: Upon reading through the stickied threads, I found this.

They don’t have to re-do the whole video tutorials. If any changes were made, -I mean “big” changes- they can just write a note in the video that’s all. Though we can find our way in most of the updates but there are some whom on screen notes are needed.

If you mean c++ tuts, just checkout all Rama’s transition guides and you will be ok. If you mean others, then you have to check out the docs, the unreal engine is really fluid in it’s form now, because we are still early adopters. Epic is aware of the fluidness, and we’ll propably get some doc updates soon.

Video tutorials are faster to make , this could work with Unreal versions coming fast. Also why not putting the Unreal version on the video title, like “4.6 - Blueprint editor menus”. About videos no more valid because of engine changes, a simple title change would make it “4.6 Deprecated - Blueprint editor menus”

It is here and in WiP actually
Check out documentation - they are slowliy adding tag “Checked with X version of UE4” and they are adding new video tutorial pages, I think there will be a moment when this 2 streams will cross :smiley:

Don’t you know, you NEVER cross the streams!!!

This just isn’t true. Videos take just as much work to create as any other format, and they cannot be updated easily.

We have 2 people who all they do is QA on the documentation and other learning resources. They add annotations to videos and alert us to documentation that is not up to date or inaccurate. They also fix as many of those issues as they can.

Even with that, the engine changes so rapidly it is quite difficult to keep everything up to date all the time and still be able to create new documentation over areas we haven’t covered yet. It’s a balancing act. We have to do some of each to continue to make progress while not falling into the trap of all the existing stuff falling into disrepair.

So some thing take longer to get updated depending on how badly out of date they are and how many people the issues are likely to affect. We mke judgment calls on those thing, but also rely on you guys helping us out by reporting them. If we get a ton of reports, we can guess that’s a high priority thing to fix.

Also, the tutorials on the wiki can be updated by anyone. If you see something out of date and know how to update it, please do. If you don’t know how, leave a comment (hit the Talk/Discussion tab at the top and edit that page) so everyone knows what the issue is. Some other community member may come along and see that and update it before we get to it. The community is just awesome like that, ya know? :slight_smile:

I just have to say. I honestly can’t see an easy way to update videos. If there was an easier way I’d be doing it. Its probably ok if you’re hosting them yourselves, but youtube based videos are not really meant to be edited in place (you CAN edit them, but only if you post them as a new video, which kind of misses the point).

Sorry I couldn’t check the whole posts one by one but:

“Introduction to UE4 Programming” Tutorial is not Working with 4.6. Not at all and it is not just me. I just heard from other couple people that it is exactly the same mistake.

And yes, I checked the Transition guide here and applied the defined changes. It is something fundamental I tell ya. I just don’t know what.

Please some guidance.