Please introduce blogs to this forum.

Hi, this site is fantastic. There are lots of people with plenty to talk about, and I’d like to hear more of it. There are loads of people excited about what they are doing, and I’d like to hear their stories in more detail.

Unfortunately, threads are not a great way to follow them. Whether they post a “threadblog” in Off-topic or WIP, it is hard to track down their posts when others post their own comments in the thread. With blogs, you can subscribe to them, and get to hear how people are doing, how they feel, what mistakes they have made, in an easy way. You can get a proper context, participate in a discussion with the blogger and others, and give the blogger a platform within a community who are just the sort of people who would want to hear from them. It could also make recruiting people easier (I live in hope :)), once a project gets explained in more detail that the Recruiting forum allows.

As you use vBulletin 4.2.2, adding a blogs section to the site should be a straightforward (that’s not the same as simple, or easy :)) thing as it is already part of the software, and I hope you do this.

Please? :slight_smile: