Please include drag & drop fix in 4.17.2

Hello Epic,

As you may already know, the traditional method of implementing drag & drop is broken in 4.17.1. (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-49100)) and has a target fix of 4.18.

I don’t think the importance of the issue has been noticed by the team. This issue will be affecting most projects which contain some sort of Drag & Drop, and should be fixed in 4.17.2.

I have spoken with various members of the community and they also believe that this isn’t the kind bug to be left to the next major version. For a lot of us, we cannot wait a few months for 4.18 - we need this hotfixed.

Thank you.

Agree, our current project met this issue and we cannot update our game to 4.17

Yes this is a roadblock for us too, we have had to push back dates because of this issue.

While I still think this should be prioritised (given it’s in training material), I have found a workaround for anyone experiencing this issue.

  1. Put a border inside your button & move your contents to inside this border
  2. Set the borders brush alpha to 0 to reveal the contents again
  3. Bind your ‘OnMouseDown’ function (with the drag detect logic) to the new border

Hope this helps, and hope to see this issue fixed soon.

Hi everyone.


I surfaced this issue with our developers due to the feedback here, but it has been explained that this is ‘By Design’ and information has been provided on how to work with this now.

Please see notes in the following links:…click-bug.html

(I have un-deleted this thread to make sure that others have visibility into the resolution)


Thank you for your clarification.