Please improve the overall performance of UE4 compared to other games and game engines

At first, I wasn’t sure if it was an issue with just one game of if it was a problem with Unreal Engine 4 in general. But after playing Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha, LawBreakers or even Fortnite, I realize that games developed with Unreal Engine 4 don’t run very well, give us poor performance and, in proportion, don’t seem to look as great as they should.

As an actual example, I was running LawBreakers at the lowest settings between 60-110fps. And I run DOOM 2016 at max settings at 110-160fps and max anti-aliasing with the Vulkan API. And note that its Anti-Aliasing solution looks better than the temporal anti-aliasing in past UE4 games. It’s a huge difference considering that UE4 gives me half the frame rate and that’s at the lowest settings. At the lowest settings, I was expecting 150-250 fps. I would get 30-70fps at the highest settings, plus with a tremendous amount of mouse input lag.

Unreal Engine 4 seems to eat more than it can render. I’m speechless to see that even on the lowest settings, the performance is so low.

Are you comparing low level code with blueprints?

Get a better PC and play better optimized Games.

is this the real life?