Please Help

SO I’m trying to follow this tutorial [URL=“http://”] and for some reason I get this error

can anyone help me?

You need to specify which tutorial, with words, and as well what the error is. Your picture link does not work.

Sorry I didnt clarify that well, but the error message is: Failed to add class FPS_Project1. Failed to generate project files. when I try to create a game mode for my project. The tutorial I’m doing is: First Person Shooter (Tutorial) found in the unreal documentation. Thanks for the reply!

This might sound silly, but do you have Visual Studio installed? Have you restarted your machine since installing? I got a weird error when starting that tutorial, I deleted the project and remade it and the error just went away…

This is not exactly the forum for this discussion. You should be posting this, and a lot more information … , on the [URL=“”]AnswerHub](http:// if you are actually trying to get it addressed.

yes I have had visual studio installed for a couple months now, i’ll try deleting it and see what happens

I believe the project generator only supports VS 2013. Are you using VS 2013 or an older version?

You are correct in that it supports VS 2013. I was reading that you could use VS 2012 but it has lots of issue working, better off just using 2013.

Yea I only have VS 2012

That’s definitely the problem then. VS 2013 Express should work. You can download it for free at

I recommend getting “Express 2013 for Windows Desktop”.