Please Help

Hi, I’m new to using Unreal. I have purchased a 3d model from Turbosquid and I have the FBX file - here is the description

*Complete swim stadium including the following: - Olympic pool with highly detailed start blocks - Detailed diving towers with separate diving pool - Tribunes with seats and railings - Detailed roof construction with struts, railings and spotlights

Previews rendered in 3d Max using corona. Please note that the corona materials and light settings are not included.*

I have imported the file into the my project, but there are 12,000 meshes. what is the best way to put these all together and add this to my level? also is it an issues that there is no lighting?

sorry if this is a stupidly easy question.

Wow that’s a lot of meshes! It depends on what the file contains… Is it a fully featured scene with many of the meshes repeated (I’m guessing so, so most of the meshes will be duplicates - ie. the seats and railings in the stadium) or 12,000 individual and different meshes?
Also do you want to keep and use the scene as it is or do you just want access to the models that you want to create your own environment with?

I’d probably say 12k individual models in your project is a lot… What I usually do when importing external asset sets is import them into 3ds max then import them into my unreal project individually or in sets as needed.

That depends on how are you going to use the pool. I think the best approach would be to go into any 3d software and split your model into several individual files (don’t forget to combine meshes) like doors, chairs, trampolines, walls, windows, tables etc. Then place them in level one by one. There is no no easy automatic way of making a level from the model.

Thank you guys Yes i have managed to get them into a Blueprint, but there are 12,000 individual meshes like seats etc. I’ll give it a go in 3ds max and try and group them. i’ll shout if i get stuck. thanks again

The file you’re working with isn’t designed for games so you’d need to work with it in 3ds Max and optimize it