please help !

hi…i got 2 destructible meshes (cubes) when i destroy any of them with ( radial force or moving on to any of them ) the other destructible mesh wich is located far away from the first destructible mesh gets destroyed too by the fragments of the first destructible mesh…how to make it block the fragments and not destroyed by any destructible mesh fragments ? i want it to only fracture by radial force and nothing else , not even by walking to it/on it / touching it …etc … plus if possible i want to not make the destructible fragments pop up and bounce super fast like popcorns or like bullets !!

thanks for any help

Better target the damage: Lower / reduce the range of the Radial Force…
Temporarily ‘Disable Collision’ on the other Destructible Meshes at risk?

hi thanks for reply, you mean changing collision preset from destructible to no collision ? or in blueprint ?
simply i want to explode the destructible /fractured mesh same as these in this video

I was suggesting, if you must use Radial Force, then prior to triggering it use Set Collision enabled (disabled) on the destructibles nearby etc. But I’d also suggest looking at Apply Point Damage or Apply Damage overall, as that’s what I use to trigger DM’s and you’ll get more targeted options, so have more control etc…

thanks for your answer, but can you give a simple blueprint / video / tutorial / picture on how to do it ? because i think my problem is in the fragments of destroyed destructible meshes , they destroy other destructible mesh ,and the destructible mesh easily brake down by any simple damage, what is this situation called ? so i search for in in wiki or get some information about it …is it called soft destructible mesh ? or any option to disable/enable damage from fragments of destructible mesh ?