PLEASE HELP- Zip file wont download

Everytime i try to download the zip file for the Dev Kit it takes forever to download and my computer gets really slow then after a while it fails and says unknown network error. I’ve already restarted my computer and reset my wifi and it still has this problem , please help.

Is your anti-virus flagging it would be one of the first things I would check. Secondly, hard drive space. Make sure you aren’t running out (you should never fill a drive past half) of space. Thirdly, make sure you aren’t using a download manager. Besides that I have no clue >.<

Thank you so much. It was my antivirus.

No problem! Always make sure to check your AV if any weird issues arise when downloading new things. AV’s have a tendency to be over-zealous and thus have higher capture rates of all the nastiest things out there, so keep this in mind when using AV software. They are often very wrong, and you should often use more then 3 (generally using internet scanners is a good practice to get a read on whether something is dangerous or not) to scan something if you want an accurate read on it.

You may also encounter an issue with your AV flagging on some of the binaries/dll’s that come from github when extracting them. You may just need to add a directory exception manually in your AV.

Hope this helps

  • Sinari