Please help with overriding an item (eg saddle) with a modified one.

I’ve made a new folder for the mod, copied the original saddle to the new folder. Then I modified the saddle. I’ve also copied the three files from the “GenericMod” folder. Exactly what do I have to do to override the default saddle with the modified one?

i suppose the greater question is what all have you done? Copying the files in only a small part of the process, I dont know how to do what your asking as far as replacing the saddle completely but there are steps to be taken in the map settings, primaldata settings and gamemode settings generally. I would wager a guess complete replacing of the saddle would require core files to be altered?

I copied the “Saddles folder” and the three files from the genericmod. After that I edited them and set the world settings to be overriden with my mod. Now I don’t know how to continue. Do I have to make some references for the saddles, or what??

You sure you want to override them? cause that means your mod has to be loaded first and won’t work with any mod that overrides anything… You can add a shop to make them or make a new engram for your saddles and do a create child from the original and then you have your saddle but the default game saddle still works… PLUS when they add buildable saddles it won’t completely break your mod

The point is, I want to reduce the armor ratings from 25-30 to 5-10 to make them weaker. So the goal is that when someone learns the (example) engram for ankylo saddle, they will be able to craft a 5.0 armor saddle for ankylos.

ok then the only way I know to override them is to edit the orginal … then when the game loads yours must be first in the load list and it will replace the ingame one with your new data

Hey I might have just accidently found this… if you make a COPY of the blueprint for the saddle and DON’T change it’s name… leave it the same as the original then the engram that teaches it SHOULD be the new one… I did this with tranq arrows by mistake I thought it was odd that crafting them was made from my mod’s item instead of the original and found out that’s what I did I simply forgot to rename it.

Alright, I’ll try that!

Sounds pretty logical. At first I thought the game automatically detects what to override, but then I saw the words “referencing” and “reparenting” being thrown around and it just confused me more…

Thanks for the help!