Please help with my grass

hello guys, can you help me make a blueprint of a foliage grass? you know where i can paint it to the ground like in unity please, thanks. :slight_smile:

It depends on how exactly it should work. When you just need it in the editor, you can use the foliage tool :slight_smile:

well, i want it to be in the game too :smiley: look i tried the foliage editor, but when it says drag foliage here, i just can’t do it! well i use the file from UNITY what is just a texture. so i need a mesh too or what should i do?

Yep, you need a mesh. Otherwise there is nothing to place :wink:
e.g you could create one by yourself or use one from my free foliage package (link at the bottom of the page)

but this is for 4.7 only, not? :frowning: i use 4.9 version of the engine

You can also use it for 4.9 -> just download the project - extract it - right click on the .uproject file - switch unreal engine version - 4.9 - now you can use those assets in 4.9 :slight_smile:

wow thanks a lot friend :slight_smile: hey i see you know your way pretty well around using ue4 , do you mind if i add you on skype?

Yep, just add me, but atm I’m not so active on skype :wink: