Please help with a camera and respawn.

After I die I spawn along with a copy of myself (Static) and I would like to put my fixed camera back to the starting point, how do I do it?:frowning:

Hi man,
What is your fixed camera?
an actor camera in the level?

When you respawn your character, search for the camera actor and set the location of the camera to wherever is the “starting point”
You need a reference to the actor,
you can get it using “Get all actor of class” -.selecting camera actor , this will return to you an array of actors.
(then you have to use a loop and find the right one, you can use “actor has tag”, and sure , you have to add the tag to the camera actor in the level ! )
If you only have 1, use “Get actor of class” this will give you just the first found.

So, get actor of class- CameraActor , Set location.

Thanks for answering me (What’s your name? Mine is Sarah) So … my camera is a fixed actor, can you explain it better how I get it by looking at my death screen and respawn code?

Hi , you have a lot of ways to ge the actor reference,
then just set the location manually, ,

Remove the death logic from the tick, use event any damage, when 0 or less, spawn new character, possess, notify the camera actor of the change (set location to new pawn or use a blend), destroy old character.