Please help: Want to increase the max level wild dino's will spawn

I have looked at as many tutorials and forum posts as I could in search of this answer. But what I find is changing stats of individual dino’s, etc. What I would like to know is how to increase the overall level of wild dino’s. Let’s say I would like all wild dino’s to be able to have a possible max spawn level of 240 or so. I have seen bp’s where there are references to min/max level’s but not sure exactly how to implement that into a mod. Please help with how to do this. And thank you for any time and effort you put into answering this.

See if changing this value in the TestGameMode file works:
Dino Level.PNG
I’m not sure if that works, but it’s worth a shot.

Haven’t tested this out myself, but have a look in the Base: Dino_Character_BP Blueprint See attached picture.
Look for the value: Dino Base Level Weight Entries.
Currently it provides entries up to level 30. Together with the difficulty slider when you start the game, this scales to whatever level you want.
If I’m not mistaken: a difficulty of 1: allows spawning of dinos up to level 120. So a factor 4.
If you want level 240 dinos. You can either adjust the difficulty setting to 2. Or alter the Base level entries.
The latter will also give you more control of the chance of a certain level spawning.

However I do think this will require a TC. Or a whole lot of copy/pasting and remapping of dinos to pull off (as you will need to alter every dino character blueprint



Thanks for the input, but does anyone know a for sure answer that has been tested? I am currently playing around with the 2 suggestions, but nothing definitative in finding a solution

Hi there,

You could try to edit the difficulty value in your TestGameMode. If you put it on e.g. Difficulty value min 1, value max 3 you’ll get random creatures from levels 1 - 90 (assuming you diddn’t alter the base level of the dino BP’s).

This mean that if you want to achieve 240 as max level, you’ll need to set your difficulty value max to 8.

If you want your creatures to spawn with a higher base level, make sure you’ll edit the value min to the amount;
1 (lowest level that can spawn) x difficulty value = new minimal level

Make sure you set the “Difficulty Value” at just 1.0.

I’ve tested it and this does the job! Hope this is the answer for you as well.

Right on topic, anyone knows how to get the current level of a dino ?

Current level of dino(might need to disable “Context Sensitive” to get the “Character Level” node):