Please help w/ understanding a 'Target Self issue Merging BP's' :)


I have found the Blueprint Property Transfer Manager and it is incredible! It got about 90% of them, I have had to add some variables, Functions, Components and Graphs that it missed, but after much struggle and study I got the errors down from 116 to just 3 but am at a wall now.

I am showing a screengrab, the BP on the right is my source an the left is my destination: I have circled the issues, I am getting a problem i have seen many times over the past 5 years but never understood even after looking it up more times than I can count,. In many years I have never gotten past this ‘Self’ referencing issue when merging BP’s, Hence I am asking for help!


Just throw those nodes away, and remake them. Does that help?

I’ve spent literally days ‘throwing them away’ and remaking every which way I can find or imagine, (as variable , as component, as anything and everything it will let me try, BUT not getting any where. because NOTHING ends up looking like the nodes on the right, there is always that ‘SELF’ reference and errors…

Please just actually help… :expressionless: :open_mouth:

Sorry, I would have answered, but I’m not getting email notifications… :expressionless:

So what happens when you actually do this:

and then:

Still does not work?!

The nodes in your left pic look as if they were copy / pasted or placed without context in mind. Although I’ve seen this happen when migrating, merging and reparenting classes.

I’m getting about 10% or so. Blessing in disguise. AH is dying…

Whoa you’re famous from always being the ‘kharma’ guy at the Epic broadcasts! Thank you, but if I do above then it is a NEW variable and will Compile but not do anything… It needs to be ‘Targeting Icon’ but I can’t seem to get that variable to plug back in! (yes, am merging as I mentioned, using Epic’s ‘BP Transfer Tool’ …

The bigger problem is just below this where it says Error: It is putting a ‘SELF’ Reference in, that isn’t supposed to be there,. (I thought that meant I hadn’t plugged in a function? ugh)

Why do these Non Functional Error Generating ‘SELF’ references show up when merging BP’s? maybe that should be my question ? :slight_smile:

It is all the same project by the way; With Epic BP Transfer tool it has to be sane project… That’s why I don’t understand why it has problems!

I guess after 5 years of constant trying I should give up on Blueprints… There just isn’t the community (anymore) to be able to learn anything quickly,… When need that one little bit of help like this, once a year,… the fact you needed to come answer this beginner question proves the point.

Well, I am honored,. ‘EveryNone’, I usually don’t even come back when I get an answer like the first above, (it is so soul crushing to any passionate Artist to get such a non answer like that). it literally makes me nearly suicidal. I had packed this away and moved on to having impossible intractable problems with 2 handed weapons! ;~)

Anyways, I’m glad I came back. Thank you!

Why do these Non Functional Error Generating ‘SELF’ references show up when merging BP’s? maybe that should be my question ? :slight_smile:

That’s an engine bug of sorts. Merging is convoluted behind the scenes. You must replace all nodes showing the superflous self reference pin error with the new promoted reference.

It might be a 10s job but it may take much longer if you have a bazillion of those. Since they throw an error, you can click the link and it should take you to the culprit.