Please Help to Debug "CPU Stall" and Sleeping

I’ve been working on some small code projects related to main menus and I’ve been noticing a lot of CPU stalls. Something to note is that I’m currently running on integrated graphics as my Sapphire R9 270X is under RMA. I’ve been debugging through the path " Window - Developer Tools - Session Frontend " whilst also making use of stat fps and stat unit graph. Something that I’ve noted is that one of the hot problems comes from something from "FAndroidDeviceDetectableRunnable [0x21d0] where the CPU is being stalled and is under “sleep”. The CPU stalling is a major issue with OVER 1000ms LOST by CPU stalls. I’ve been thinking that this may be due to the imbalance in my current dev specs (Intel i5 3570 4.3ghz, 8GB RAM, Intel HD 3000 as a temporary hold in place of my R9 270X]. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Your GPU (can you call it that? :P) is a huge bottleneck, your CPU is waiting for it (stalling) to be done with the rendering of the frame.

Well it is a GPU (graphics processing unit). I know that it’s the weakest link. I had a Sapphire Radeon R9 270X but it’s currently under RMA. So, are you sure that it’s simply a GPU bottleneck or could it be something else?

Stalling means it’s waiting for something; usually the GPU, but that may also be the HDD for example. The time your GPU takes compared to the time the CPU takes to render a frame, is very long. Therefore, it sounds logical that yes, the bottleneck is that big. I’m surprised UE4 even runs on an integrated graphics card.

Try to Launch this level on your PC and check if this problem gone

While waiting for your GPU, try Godot. Or buy new card.