Please help, template projects have a weird glow.

Uhh so I am new to UE4 but I get THIS monstrosity when making a template project/new project. Please help!

I think Unity is a WAY better engine than this. That is for sure. UE4 needs improving. These forums won’t even let me post a reply without ‘PErMitioNs’ when I have already been approved by like one moderator that takes like 3 hours to verify a post. Epic Games + Unreal Engine, I have one thing to say to you guys: Make a better game engine.

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Thank you for your patience.

It’s been a day now. This is pathetic.

If you do not have patience for something like this, switching engines won’t help you much.

The moderation is only for the first 5 posts or so. Post 3 more times complaining about the engine (many threads catering for this) and you’re done.

Does it persist once the shaders have completed compiling - which you’re in the middle of atm.