Please Help Scaling Issues

As you can see in the image, this is a house I made in 3DS Max. I wasn’t sure whether to ask on here or 3DS max forums. Hopefully someone here can help out. I am trying to create this building to use as a game environment. It needs to look good outside and inside. The outside to me seems to be pretty good? It seems a good scale from the perspective of the player. However, the inside is cramped and there is absolutely no space to move around as you can see on the other images. (No doors as building isn’t finished yet) Scaling on the building on the X and Y axis works great for increasing the interior space, but of course this ruins the exterior of the house. I cant scale it on the Z as well as the walls are 300u tall, any taller and it wont look right. Is there a way around this. Im happy to remodel the entire think if I have to… I just need to know what I did wrong? It just seems strange that it looks fine from the outside.

BTW… I am pretty new to the engine, but have experience with 3ds max, so I feel like that I am doing something wrong in accordance to UE4’s scaling. Which is why I’m asking here.

Thank you.

Edit: Images attached below

Make sure the image is within the file size limit.

Could depth of field be a factor here?

Did you model it with the UE4 character in mind? I usually like to throw the mannequin in my scenes to get an idea for scale when making it.

Yes, I have been remodeling it around the character. 180h - 60w - 60d right? I created a box inside 3ds max and modelled around that. however, now I have issues with the exterior. The interior is big enough but the exterior is too big. I have to make the roof look correct with the width of the house. But because the width of the house is so large, this means the roof has to be really tall, or squashed down. Either way it’s not right. If i make the roof tall then the rooms that are coming outside the roof are too high up for the second floor. I am trying to explain this as best as I can but I’m not sure if its making any sense.

No, it is definetly the size, as I cannot even fit objects in rooms. Example: The bathroom is tiny, would be impossible to fit a bath in there.

Yeah, scaling can be a pretty annoying issue if you dont keep it mind from the start.

Honestly the way I’d go about building this house is breaking everything down into small bit size pieces that are modular. It will let you build it inside of unreal instead of Max and you will be able to get a good scale of the rooms and interior while building it. I’cve been using 3ds Max for a long time and still consider building interiors with exteriors altogether like that quite a pain, and breaking them down into modular pieces to build inside the game engine can be much more efficient.

I’m not sure what units you’re using there, but you’re also going to want to make sure you are using centimeters. 1 unreal unit = 1 cm for reference.

Yes, I do use centimeters :).

I have considered modular building but unsure as to how to go about it :confused: Do you have a tutorial that you could recommend?

I don’t know of any tutorials unfortunately, but I can’t imagine it’s difficult to find some on YouTube or articles discussing the basic principles around the web. =)

Ok, Ill give it a go. Thanks

Thank you, ll take a look.