Please Help - Packaging a Project

Hope someone can help please

When I package a project and zip, ill send it to someone and they can open it fine. Everything works.

But if I try and open the zipped project or receive someone elses zipped project, the level and contents are missing, its seems like they are not connecting or finding the path to the files.

Im using 4.27 on PC.

Many thanks

Hi Cuppacool, Welcome to the forums

I’ve seen this before when opening projects created in ‘future’ versions of the engine. For example, assets from a 4.24 project could be opened in 4.27, but 5.0 projects could not be opened in 4.27. (out of curiosity I just opened a copy of a 5.0 project with 4.27 and I’m seeing what you’re describing.)

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Hey, thanks

All assets were download from the store and opened up originally in 4.27. Very strange