Please help my Flipbook animation!

Hi, I wanted to make diablo style animated bars. I made an animation from After Effects that will take 5 seconds and show 60 frames per second, and I took a frame-by-frame image of it. I imported them into the engine, selected the “Apply paper 2d settings” option, and extracted the sprites of all of them. I created a paper flip book animation by selecting all the sprites I extracted. There was no problem in this animation. I created new material and connected the nodes as in the picture. The animation that appeared in the preview on the left and in the game was not the same as the preview I watched in the flip book animation. There were freezes and interruptions and it was very fast. What’s wrong? What could I have done wrong?

I see maybe i have a video that could help you but it goes from the beginning.

And if you go through the procedure you might get it to work.

If you get it to work, you can do hundreds of them.

It’s okay, I have enough time to try. Thanks.

You’re welcome, but it works.