Please Help (MMO-style Control)

Can someone please help me with blueprints for a MMO-style character control?

I’ve watched/read two tutorials that both fall short of working even followed step-by-step. I’m new to unreal engine and my goal is to create a small tab target fighting game with MMO-style controls and I’m using blueprints.
I followed this tutorial…le-controller/ however he requests we make a new pawn/gamemode/controller however the tutorial doesn’t go through setting up the controller or pawn from scratch, and uses references to things that do not exist within the classes in the blueprints and whatnot.

I also followed this tutorial on youtube: Super Easy MMORPG Style Camera and Character Controls - YouTube
however this user doesn’t go through the steps just overviews what he has done.
I didn’t think creating these controls from the 3rd person template would be so difficult, but if anyone has any sort of experience or knows how to create these controls, I could really use the help.

Rather than trying to jump immediately into your end goal solution which is making an MMO-style control as you call it, I’d suggest you break your end goal into smaller milestones that once you’ve accomplished all of them, you’ll have your end goal as the result. Keep that tutorial by Jacob Hughes as it’s got a lot of good info, and then ask yourself the questions, how do I create a new pawn? How do I make a new Game Mode? How do I make a new Player Controller? Since those are your missing pieces.

If you search on youtube for this info, you’re much more likely to reach your end goal. Any time I search youtube for tutorials, I start with “UE4” and then whatever I want to know. For example; “UE4 player character” gave the following results:



If you’re looking for a quick answer in game design, you’ll be incredibly disappointed. It’s going to take you years to learn everything you need to make a game, and you certainly shouldn’t be starting with an MMO.

Just my two cents.

Looks detailed and comprehensive enough at a glance. Perhaps you can post a screenshot of the part that gives you a headache.

And you will need to include much more detail regarding how it’s supposed to work. We really don’t know what you need, there are hundreds of MMOs with their own unique gimmicks, and there are fighting games where handling camera angles is very different.

Maybe start by telling us what aspect of the third person template you’d like to change.

Here’s a bit about targeting stuff ahead of the player:…getting-system