Please HELP ME



Don’t know why every single project I create a new project I am getting this error on restarting the unreal or the pc

Do you know the answer to the above problem

I have posted the same question couple of times in the form, but there was no answer you need tile please check them

Instead of yelling HELP ME in title of question, call 911.

1-) Man you can’t spam answerhub with same questions. If you want question to be seen on top, you can use ‘edit’.
2-) I’ve never seen this problem before. Maybe you should reset all options of engine. Like Viewport options, editor preferences etc.
" Go to Edit->EditorPreferences ->All Settings → Reset to Defaults " should do the trick.

No, this problem is not just editor, it can be seen even in the game view
please check new image I have uploaded

Did you rebuild the lighting? What are your computer stats? Are they built to handle unreal?

I get same problem on both PC and laptop
Laptop has low confirmation i5 4gb rpm 2gb AMD dedicated graphics
But has PC i7 6th gen 3.40ghz 8gb ram 2gb graphics nvidia

I did rebuild but still I get same problem
The problem is on game view as well as in editor viiew

Can you package up a small project that shows this and post it? I can take a look and see if something sticks out.

All the meshes are inverted, either from import or you’ve scaled them with a negative scale somewhere.

I would say, from a fresh install, create a blank third person project and if it shows there, something weird I couldn’t guess what. If it shows right and it’s just that project, you have something inverting everything.

Hmm I did try it but same result is it me or PC or project corrupted