Please help me!

Friends I created a map, I worked many days in it. And now I’m trying to test it on a dedicated host, the map runs fine. But a bug happens with objects, trees, stones, etc … when I try to break a stone, it never breaks, I can hit it all the time, it does not disappear from the place … I can extract resources from it, I hear the noise of the stone breaking, but it remains appearing on the spot. as if there are phantom resources, already cut trees remain appearing …

I’m afraid of losing all my work, does anyone know what that can be? when I try to play in singleplayer with the map, then everything works fine, I can cut the trees, I can break the stones, they disappear normally … but when I put in a dedicated host it happens.

I try to collect the resources, but they do not disappear from the scenario … this happens only when I playng the map on a dedicated server … when I try to play alone it works normally.

Exilog did a good tutorial series on mapping
The third tutorial in the series covers foliage, I would check out this series and see if anything important got missed.