Please help me with some AI research (video)

Hi all.

I’m going to request a little help with some AI research I’m currently doing related to Unreal Engine. I’ve posted a video on YouTube explaining what I’m doing this for here:Videogame research - a plea for help - YouTube
To cut a long story short, I’m after a few test participants to download and run some software (made with unreal engine) for a study that is foundational to some of my other research. As an added incentive, I’m offering source code to the study itself (which extracts skeleton motion from UE skeletal meshes and can log it into a json stream and other such stuff, plus it posts the results to a google cloud based back-end) along with source code to various AI infrastructure projects for UE that I’ve been building the last few years. Primarily right now is an influence map system I’ve been creating, but also some cover generation systems etc.

Now just to be clear, my plan was to release all of this stuff anyway, so I’ll definitely post all those on github no matter if the study concludes or not. But if you could see your way to taking the time to participate, then I’ll be able to get on to packing that code up a lot sooner.

Anyway, the download link for the study software is in the description of the YouTube video. Thanks for your time!