Please help me understand this [ Problem with character Import ]

Hello. First please forgive me for my bad English :slight_smile:
Recently I am having a problem and somehow i feel it is little simple one. After importing my own created character. I did do retarget animations to it and in the result, my character has some weird arm displacement. So I did try to do different approach. I did export original SK_Mannequin to fbx file from ThirdPersonExample. Just to see if exporting was the issue. And it looks like it is. Im having same problem even with placing back SK_Mannequin. As it is shown on the photo:


Thank you in advance for any kind of help

That mannequin issue has nothing to do with your import settings, its because of epics lack of fixing an issue that’s been going on forever with the skinning or something on that mannequin I guess.

There is some settings you need to adjust to correct the issue, I’m trying to think of how I can tell you where that setting is…

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Thank you so much, John!I did have that feeling like it was a something small but, as they usually say, small things are not easy to find :wink:
I’m really hoping as well that Epic will fix does small issues since it is not 1st one that I did encounter.

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