Please help me spawn different character for each player

ok please rmember i’m hopeless with code/blueprint

so i’m trying to make a simple multiple player game where each player has a different character bp, this means i need to ignore/override the default character in the gamemode , i think !!!

so far everything i’ve seen always uses the default pawn/character, yes i’ve seen the c++ version but i’ve no idea how to convert this to bp’s

any help would be most greatfull :slight_smile:

You can set default character in game mode to something like spectator. Then when player joins the game or choose a character, spawn a pawn from level blueprint and pass its reference to controller. In controller call Poses node on it. When player dies, he Unposes pawn and poses spectator again.

In player controller call Spawn actor from class and use ( Possess / Un Possess ) Pawn

i’m trying to avoid using a level bp as i want to have more than one level , just need to work out how to set up the function in the controller so that i can change it later to swap classes

It all depends how you are spawning the player.

Are you using a character select screen or Are u you spawning them by button press or by clicking on a static mesh ?? If so this is very easy to do.

If you want them to spawn automatically or even randomly then you need a system like mine where you assign the players a number once they have been assigned a player controller you then use this number to spawn and posses the correct character bp.

You need to be more specific about what you actually want

Not sure about this but I think the Level Blueprint support inheritance? if so you can implement all the spawning functionalities in a base blueprint and have all your other level’s LevelBP to extend from this base BP

ok i’ve made a start, i’ve used the tip gametype/spectatorpawn
i’m using a crapy selection screen that i threw together but so far it works i think will do more testing later

the idea is to test the system and then add it to a larger project, its something thats been holding me back for a long time, and adding options to the game url / gametype but thats for later.

if it all works i’ll post some screens and maybe a video

edit: ok just realised that the 3rdpersomtemplate doesn’t have the “suicide” console command so now i have to work out about re-spawning or do it all again in my main project
edit: again: nope just crashes sometimes i think using the shootergame demo is more of a pain than it should be.
edit: ok it looks like something with the “respawnplayerevent” in the game mode , i’ll be digging/bodging in there this weekend

Hey! You finda solution? I have a same problem!

well sort of bodged it, had to stick with the shooter demo so i’m not sure if it would help you, can post some pics of my bp’s if you want, afaik i does work online but no promises.