Please help me restore my real Forum account!

Hello Epic,

My other real forum account stopped working and no-one seems to be responding to the emails I have sent to Epic.
I have tried three different help/support addresses but not a life sign from Epic.

Where am I meant to turn to get help with this kind of thing please?

(I have tried to Reset Password but didn’t get the email. Yep looked in spam/trash folders)


Does anyone know where I can get help with Forum account problems?

Hi Fred.

I assume you’ve already reached out through the Epic Support Center?

That is where all account matters are handled, and the customer support team should respond as soon as able.

Hmm…it seems familiar…would messages and up here → [TABLE=“cellpadding: 0”]

Epic Games Player Support <> via

?? If so those ones have been waiting for 7 days with no reply.

But in case that was not it I’ll retry now with your link.

**EDIT: **Yep by the insta-reply it seems like that’s what I did 7 days ago but with no response from Epic so far.

I’ll reach out to them to check in on your ticket.


Thank you! Much appreciated! :slight_smile: