Please Help me if you can! Buyables,Zombe AI,Perks,Recoil,Accuracy,Spawns,Aoe Damage,Particle effect

  1. I want to have weapons on the wall that you can buy and it will change out your current weapon, = like Cod zombies
  2. Im also wondering how can i create spawns for zombies and make them chace the players and attack them = like cod zombies
  3. How can i get perks to work with blueprint? = like cod zombies (Juggernaut) and (pack a punch)
  4. I have made a copy of the ray gun, how can i make the shots do aoe damage?
  5. I got a bow that i want to work like the wunderwaffe in cod zombies, basicly having electric particles comming out of the bow and the string and arrow, can i do that? (made with blender)
  6. how can i rig a gun or a bow to my character = make a skeletal mesh for the gun that will actually work
  7. Recoil
  8. Make the gun shoot in a straight line but ajusteble accuracy = like cod zombies
  9. Crawlers

Sorry for my english peeps, its not the best and i know that

Start there.

it has nothing about what i want to do… and i’ve already watched most of it where pretty much nothing covers what im asking for.

What about this: [Tutorial] CoD: Zombies Blueprint Tutorial Series - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums ?

This does cover some of the stuff i was wondering about in the past, not anymore tho and it has nothing to do with what i need as of yet.

It looks like you posted nearly all the features of your game and you want us to create any of them.

DevilsD is right, you should start watching some tutorials. I think nearly every of your points is covered in tutorials.

As fighter once said:

As he said, we are always here to help, but we are going to do all the work for you.

mostly im wondering on how to do it, not do it for me, and i belive i havent found any tutorials on most of this and there where a few things i just asked if was possible to do.

  1. Create a BP that has a Static mesh of the same weapon you want. Put a custom event in it that when fired destroys the mesh. Then in your player char you add the weapon that matches the static mesh to your inventory array.
  2. Look into any of the AI tutorials on YouTube
  3. Option 1 make a perk that has all of the stats you want that when picked up you can fire a function in your player char that changes these stats to match your pick up. Option 2 create a the stats in your player char and make function in this BP that when fired change the stats accordingly.
  4. Run a line trace from the “Ray Gun” get the hit location and either spawn a collision sphere or a sphere trace. Then get all actors inside this radius and fire Apply Damage to it.
    5.If you have the mesh for the bow just add a beam particle component and adjust the settings to make it look like electricity.
  5. Spawn the actor and attached to the player mesh at a socket. You have to add the socket to the mesh before hand.
  6. Add a timeline and update the pitch of the player camera with it
  7. Use a line trace and adjust is end point with a random float
  8. ?

I hope this helps, but it seems like you want to make a COD copy. I would suggest just playing COD if that is what you want but I understand using similes is one of the easier ways to communicate what you want.
Good Luck.

Have you seen my tutorial series (see my signature)? I will be teaching most if not all of the things on your list, so maybe you can check it out.

Yeah seems incredibly lazy to just pretty much ask for somebody to tell you how to do every single feature of a game. Try some things out. Break down the problems and figure out each small solution. And if you watch all those tutorials then you will have no problem figuring out the solutions, there is nothing complicated with any of those things.

I have to agree with this.

Spoon feeding you the answers will not help you learn how to approach a problem and figure it out yourself. These features are not difficult, in fact if you simply took the time to think about the problems as you have written them the solutions should present them selves quite easily.

Learning the basics through watching tutorials and reading the documentation will shed light on the processes it takes to create more complex or even alternative solutions.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: This helped alot!

Yeh im already watching and waiting for the next parts :stuck_out_tongue: