Please help me how to enable auto-suggestion on VS 2019.

Hi, I really struggle with the absence of auto-suggestion on VS 2019.
I’ve searched for days.
I installed “game development with c++” and “unreal engine installer”.
I made sure my intellisense is on.

But when I type “#include …”, it doesn’t show any modules of UE4.
And any suggestions related to UE4 doesn’t show.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Screenshot (4).png

I’m having a similar issue as well, but I’m not getting suggestions for members of structures. (Visual Studio Code)

I updated yesterday to 4.25 and now i have the same bug. Impossible to work that way (VS 2019)

I just found a temporary solution:
Open your \Intermediate\ProjectFiles\Project.vcxproj and replace ‘<IncludePath>$(IncludePath)’ with ‘<NMakeIncludeSearchPath>$(NMakeIncludeSearchPath)’ and also the endtag ‘</IncludePath>’ with ‘</NMakeIncludeSearchPath>’.
I saw they also changed a lot of other things. My 4.24 .vcxproj had 200kb. My 4.25 one has 1300kb. I don’t know that they are trying to do.
And also intellisense is a bit slower now.

@Bogeyx Thanks a lot. I will check again when I have to write c++ code again later.