Please help me about sketchup to unreal studio

First of all sorry for my bad engslish. Now here is the topic;

I designed 1+1 home in Sketchup 2019. Then i export .udatasmith from Sketchup and imported to Unreal Studio. After that my Unreal Studio is working veryslow. Also if i tried to save, everytime Unreal is shutting down. My lightmassresolution for static mesh is 64-128. My Pc specs are; GTX 1080, I5 8600K OC (4.3GHZ) 8GB 3200 MHZ DDR4 RAM wih SSD.
My datasmith file has 46000 assets.
I tried export from Sketchup with fbx.Same happened.
I tried Sketchup to 3ds max then export from 3dsmax with udatasmith. Same happened
I tried export from 3dsmax with FBX. Same happened also everthing comes dark. All lights are gone.
Last thing is i imported udatasmith file without texture and materials and same thing.
What can i do?
Please Help ME!

“My datasmith file has 46000 assets.”

try consildating your file and removing extra objects.

too much assets. Reduce it to max. 10% of that better less (5%).
Export the geometry of the building only and try that. It will work. And then add sparingly other objects to the scene.