Please help... I need a player... :/

I was following a tutorial when I selected a blank project with no starter anything… I started designing my levels and everything, I already did a lot of work (in my noob mind); but I just can not seem to get a character to work… I’ve tried hundreds of tutorials, online docs, etc… Everything doesn’t work… They’re keep showing me ways of rigging, animations, applying the skeletal meshes and the animations. Everything. But nothing works, it’s all incompatible from Make Human.

I want to use a Make Human figure in my game as the main character,
I’ve even tried resorting to importing basic characters from daz, maximo and especially Unreal and nothing works.
The animations, skeletals, etc. They never just – go together correctly… I don’t want to have to restart everything I’ve done so far… :confused:

I already set up my main menu, health, keyboards, mouse, PS4 paddles, levels, spawn points and everything…

Please help meeee…
If so, make a tutorial please showing me this because I’ve been trying for like 6 days straight and I just can’t get it to work… I’m getting so frustrated I feel like my head is ready to explode.


Does it work with the some character from the templates or from the tutorials?

The tutorial was a basic starter FPS and no matter what I tried nothing worked. I tried Virtus’s* tutorials on TubedYoub’d and he gave a download link to some character he used. I then followed the tutorial towards the animations and everything now it seems to be working. It’s a little buggy still, like it’s not suppose to be having a clip bug (his doesn’t, but mine does); but it’s getting better.

Also, I think it was a bone issue either too many or too less – maybe even the name differences. Thanks!

Also, right now I’m experiencing a bug? Where my UE crashes whenever I try to add a layer to my terrains. :confused:
Any ideas?