Please help!!! I just want to create something simple????!!

Ive been trying to figure out how to simply make something like a sword getting swung at a cube make the cube disappear BUT THEIR ARE ABSOLUTELY NO TUTORIALS ON ANYTHING FOR UNREAL ENGIN THAT ARE HELPFULL IM SUPER FRUSTRATED BECAUSE NON ARE UP TO DATE ITHER, can someone help me with this im new to it and nothing has helped me so far so I thought id ask the community because i’m still stuck at rock bottom with nothing to work off of. please help!!!

I’ll make a quick tutorial of this when I get time. Essentially when you click left mouse button > play sword swing animation > check for any destructible actors > if there are, on those actors should be a function for “destroy actor” that’s set to self > fire that function.

Here’s the example project. I used a free paragon character so the project is 2GBs or so but oh well lol