Please help - how to overwrite default gun without remaking all referenced items too (+mod stacking)

well- if I’ll make my version of guns only- they cant be produced in the default fabricator;
-if I’ll subclass and override the fabricator too - other items crafted there wont be avaible…
Do I need to remake all the fabricator-connected items as well?8/

I don’t think you can without remapping all the needed references as well, if you are just looking to replace the current guns.

Have you considered just adding new modified guns in as well as a new fabricator for them? I ask because for what you are trying to do, this would be a much more viable route of doing things in my opinion.

so- to buff an existing gun I really need to make it as a new gun along with a new strutcure that will produce it?..8]

Hello, Yes, that is the way the system works currently. If you want to make a total conversion mod you would be able to modify the base/core guns directly, but for a data or map mod, it needs to be done this way.