[Please help!] How do I change an Android package name? (Blueprints Project)

Hi there! I’ve been working on a mobile project and for testing purposes, I filled out the android packaging name in the UE4 project settings; however, now that I’m close to finishing I need to change it to match what I’m actually going to use to distribute it. Whenever I just go into the UE4 project settings and change it to the new name (com.examplecompany.examplegame), I get packaging warnings saying that it can’t find my assets and a packaging error saying ERROR: cmd.exe failed with args “_____.” I’d like to note that I’ve made several backups before making any major settings changes. Also, I’ve read some forums that have said to rename some AndroidManifest files but I guess in this version of UE4 that file is generated generated so it doesn’t work… I’ve gone through a bunch of Java files and switched the the package names and still nothing. I don’t know why it’s not as easy as just going into the settings and changing it from there. Can someone please tell me how I can change it without getting a packaging error? I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for days. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance! : )

I found a solution. First having the project closed (and backed up), go into the project folder and delete everything in the Intermediate/Android and Build/Android/src folders. Then open your project, go into your project settings and rename your android package name. Package your project and it should work.