[Please Help!!] FBX EXPORT TO UNREAL gone very wrong!!

  • Hi I am new to Maya and unreal engine 4 and i am experiencing very frustrating issues. When i create my scene in Maya it looks suburb. It has hard edges no smoothing very sharp but, when i export it into the unreal engine and turn off smoothing during the export my scene looks absolutely horrible. It looks as if my entire scene has been smoothed and my textures look awful i just dont no what to do and i would really appreciate some help!!
  • Here are some images of my scene: 2 from Maya which is perfect and 2 different shots from ue4 after import!!

You need to make sure you include smoothing when exporting to UE4 (this means it’ll keep things smooth that should be smooth and keep hard edges where you have them) and then adjust the smoothing settings in the UE4 import options so that it uses the smoothing from your file.