please help! does this unreal tutorial still work, been stuck for 2 months

I almost got it working, but when I drop an item it always drops the first item in the inventory and not the inventory slot I clicked on

When i am stuck in tutorial for more than a day, i either rewind it, or start again from beginning. Because when you stuck it means you did not pay attention to detail, you probably missed something somewhere. And its old tut, I doubt you find anybody willing to repeat that just to find where it might be outdated. So only solution to this is you following tut again.

@PRESSURE2000 That tutorial is broken. It does not work. But you can download his entire completed project through the Epic Game Launcher (which does work), under the Learn tab. Scroll down to Gameplay Concepts and look for Inventory UI with UMG. Download - and you can reverse engineer while trying to learn along with the tutorial.

That tutorial was one of the techniques I used to build my Inventory Examine Interface on the marketplace:

Good luck!

Would it be possible to post your project somewhere so that we may take a look at what’s going on? This series is a bit older but if you look on the Epic Games Launcher under Unreal Engine and the Learn Tab, the Inventory UI with UMG series enables you to create a project with the finished content that you can use to review and compare against your setup as well, it may provide you insight to where the issue is.


hi wes!

I was able to download the project and everything it works but for some reason, the inventory slots wont update in my dockable window widgets.

so I have dockable windows that are called up in VR and they are suppose to come up and show the widgets, but for some reason the only information that gets passed over to the dockable window is the engery mood and health bars, the actual inventory pictures never get transferred over to the windows.

I am trying to figure out how to make them show up in the dockable widget widow , which is possible because you can see the other progress bars show up and they update if I jump.

so the inventory items are suppose to show up but they dont, I will upload the project later when I get home, but what would be stopping the images from being updated on the dockable widget windows? If they wont show I cant see them in VR

ok I have uploaded the project. It has a map in the main folder that opens up with the character some pickups and has the dockable windows

I just need the dockable windows to be able to show the inventory. I moved 1 inventory slot as reference​ to show how it still won’t update. I don’t know if it’s a limitation in unreal or what?