[Please Help] Custom Tribute Spawning

Hello… hoping someone can help me… Trying to spawn a wolf similar to how the dodorex was spawned during the winter wonderland event… Made my own wolf, and campfire to use as a spawning station… Does everything as expected right up until the point where the wolf is supposed to show up. My wolf character blueprint is referenced in “crafting actor to spawn”… does it need to be referenced somewhere else as well or am I missing something else entirely? Thanks.

I’ve compared my blueprints to every tribute blueprint I could find and can’t seem to locate the issue… Anyone? Pretty please?

Surely someone knows…

Adairia I’m new to modding but I was wondering - have you been able to spawn the wolf into the world in other ways? Does your campfire spawning code work if you change it to reference an existing character blueprint like the dodo? I had a LOT of troubles initially with the mod kit and it was because of some simple errors I made in my PrimalGameData and GameMode blueprints. It’s very possible that you could have errors in those files too that still allow you to craft/spawn the campfire but fall over when it comes to spawning the wolf character. Dunno if that helps, just ideas! Good luck getting this to work - sounds like a fun mod!

I’m able to spawn the wolf with console commands.
I’ve considered trying to hatch it from an egg… but that might be kind of odd, hatching a wolf from an egg lol… but I guess if it works, it works. Worth a shot.
I don’t know of any other ways to spawn it besides having it spawn in the wild.

I tried replacing it with the vanilla Saber and got the same result.

Haven’t touched the GameMode blueprint since I initially set it up, so I’ll check on that. As for the PrimalGameData blueprint, I’ve scrolled through that at least a dozen times… but I’ll do it again. :slight_smile: I wish there was some sort of documentation that listed what each of those options in the blueprint controls… some are obvious, others not so much…

Anyway, thanks for the tips! Hopefully I can work it out soon. :slight_smile:

i would just make it a fuel burner and make the fuel req, the summoning req, while having that as the default inventory item as a bp for the inv representation showing they have met the requirements. When they activate it, just blueprint that activation event and make it spawn actor from x, y, z (get actor location for self, and add, say 1000, to x,y, and 5000 to z).

The fuel burning will consume the mats and it will seem like vanilla. (this might actually be how the ARK Devs are doing it, not sure)

(this is all just guessing without looking at the dev kit)

I’d try maybe creating a custom multiuse that when pressed tells the server to check the inventory for the items, if the tribute items are present in the inventory then spawn the dino at the tribute actor’s location + whatever offset you want (you could even use a scene component to decide exactly where its offset from the tribute actor by using get component world location).

That’s pretty much what I’m trying to do… I think… Though I’m not sure what a “custom multiuse” is (sorry, i’m still pretty new at this)…

I’ve made a custom campfire to be my tribute station, and everything is set up to where the icon/engram (PrimalItem_WolfTribute - copied from the dodorex and boss tribute blueprints) to summon my wolf shows up in the campfire… and the border around it even turns green when the necessary resources (about 100 meat) is available. I click the “summon tribute” button… the resources are consumed, I can hear crafting noises, the campfire goes out… then about 20 seconds later, the campfire comes back on and that’s it… no wolf.

Maybe it has to do with where the wolf is spawning (if it’s spawning)?
In which blueprint do I find the “tribute actor’s location” to set it as the dino’s spawn location?

EDIT: Wait… is the PrimalItem_WolfTribute the ‘custom multiuse’ you were talking about?

Also, where do I “get actor location for self”?
And in which blueprint do I input the xyz offsets you suggest? I tried putting it in the custom spawn entry blueprint that I made for my wolf, but no luck…

You would add a multiuse to the campfire which spawns the dinosaur on the server after checking the contents of the actor’s inventory.

Sorry, I didn’t get a notification for this reply. That’s for the tip, I’ll give it shot. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the old bump but did you ever figure this out? im trying to do the same.