please help been banned is this permanent with no warnings whatsoever that we would be banned?!

hello all, me and a friend were playing in battle royal, yes teamers , we knew the consequences and despite that we did it anyway what we did not realise is that we would be permanently banned for playing a few matches like this with no warning we each payed 25 pounds for this game and we have had it only a few days is it possible to still play the free battle royal version when it comes out on the 26th if no then i would like to request a un-ban, we know what we did and we will own up and apologise to everyone affected and to epic for breaking the rules however it is EXTREMELY unfair that we got permanently banned despite having each payed for the game…if you can not un-ban mine and my friends account then i demand a full refund as i purchased it on the 16th and it states that everyone can get refunded if bought between the 16th and 20th. please don’t reply with hate we acknowledge what we have done wrong and its not completely unfair to ask for a un-ban please get back to me

Hello, Josh!

I think you chose the wrong forum for this message, please proceed to Fortnite forums for fortnite related things

Thank you.