Please Help - Attaching Actor(Sphere w/ Physics) to Player Socket, Going Nuts!

So, coming from 10 years C/C++ background(and having Labview experience) i like the blueprints but honestly this is driving me crazy when things run and compile and seemingly have the right inputs and then don’t do what they are supposed to do because i have no idea whats going on. I feel like im trying to figure out Hello world and this thing just wont work. As well as explaining how to get it to work, can someone explain to me why what i have ISNT working, i feel like i am just missing something about casting or something and im just inputting the wrong “Type” of actor or something, but ive tried a ton of variations with no success and hopefully that explanation will help me figure this type of **** out in the future! All of the inputs appear to be valid, the ball loses gravity and physics and gets stuck to the ground but never goes to the socket.
This is a blueprint on my Player actor in the 3rd person premade level.
Basically i have a sphere that i added a blueprint to, i spawned one instance of it in the 3rd person map. I then went into the player skeleton, added a socket to the Right hand called BallSocket and ran the above code which triggers when i press the F key and it shoots the line out and hits the target(i can see it with Debug line traces on). The bottom right part is just my own self check that the socket does exactually exist and it does return true.
Ive read that you have to do the attaching from the TARGET object’s blueprints(the ball in this case) and you cant do it from the Player…so in another instance I tried that by creating a custom event that triggered a blueprint on the ball(Target) after it was hit with the linetrace and sent in the player info and ball info to attach, same issue.
Please obi wan’s, help. Oh and this is on 4.8.3

If any of this doesnt make sense let me know and i can try to clarify! I feel like ive spent probably 6+ hours over the last few days trying so many different things and it never works!