Please help. anyone available to help me make a mod?

So ive been watching tutorials all over youtube but none fit what i would like, if there is anyone available to show me how to and help me make a mod for making JubBugs larger, different colours and shoot projectiles, that would be MASSIVELY appreciated

The jugbug don’t really need modification my friend. if you are interested to work on a big project and you are 18 older it will be a pleasure to make team whit you.

If what you want is a modified Junebug that shoots projectile export the ThornyDragon, modify it in Maya and reimport its skeletal mesh once it looks like a giant JubBugs. Now modify the Thorny Dragon copied related blueprints and stuff and voila, you got yourself a giant Junebug throwing darts

Or use the Junebug skeletal mesh, make it bigger, and try to find the logic behind the thorny dragon darts and copy it for your new bug