Please Help: Add force to third person character not working

Since Dynamic gravity is a C++ exclusive I need to find a way to create it using blueprints. I have world gravity disabled and I have a blueprint set up to add force downward but despite this there’s no force acting on the player to bring him back down to the ground.


I just want to be able to run around the inside of a tube. there are plenty of games showing it can be done but it seems no one is giving a clear answer how to do it and Epic has been unwilling to make a simple feature to set the world gravity’s direction despite multiple requests over the years from users.

am i crazy or does the force not have to be added to the characters movement component? also i think it would have to be a negative number no?

What exactly are you trying to do here, seems to me that if the gravity is off and you simply want him to come back down you just turn the gravity back on?

The reason I am saying this is because I made a parachute mechanic once upon a time and i did it to mimic a fall then deploy a parachute to make him float back down to the ground most of it was done just by fiddling with gravity…Just the gravity on the character, not the entire world gravity…

The idea is to create artificial gravity. I have the means to orient the player based on surface beneath them, in order for the player to not fall off the wall or ceiling, gravity needs to be disabled and the add force is to pull the payer back to the floor.

Add force is for objects simulating physics.

So would I need to add a simulate physics node to the blueprint?

Edit: Added the Simulate Physics node and now the player won’t move anymore. Really stumped on this one.

If the pawn has movment component you can’t use simulate physics. You can’t add force to a character. You can use launch however

you can use force on a character, ive did it making a jetpack system, you add it to the characters movement component, in the z axis…

okay, how do I do that?

Something like this is what I did, jetpack character can fly…

Tried assigning the Character movement component as the target to the Add Force and input the value manually but it still doesn’t seem to be working, the character still floats in the air.

did you use a negative number???

Here is a video of some derping around doing what your asking to do I think…

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Jetpack And Inverse Jetpack For Low Gravity Worlds (Processiong)

Awesome, Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, you showed exactly what was going on in my project like how the jump keeps going up and the character hovering around from simply walking off a ledge. I quickly realized two mistakes I made when I first tried to replicate the screenshot you posted earlier. First, since it was meant to be a constant force without having to push a button to activate it, I was trying to make it work independently from the Jump controls as an Event Tick, so I should probably tie it back in with the jump mechanics, or at least use the branch part of it since having the ability to return to the ground is only necessary after the character jumps. Second I didn’t do that “split Pin” action to the force and I guess it was trying to input the info as a vector instead of a Float and apparently that breaks it for me.

Thanks again for the help man and I’ve just subscribed to your channel.

I have another thread for the next thing I’m trying to implement.