Please help about my future configuration for UE4

Hello, my name is Tomislav from Croatia.

I’ve started learn UE4, i spent about 30 hours for now.

Here is my pc config what I use:

i3 4160 3.6 ghz, 2 core, 4 thread
Asrock h81m-dgs
Hitachi 320gb
Linkworld lpk12-30e 500w
And intergrated GPU from i3, sistem uses 1gb of ram.

So, you see, i have 1 gb for GPU, and 3 gb for sistem programs.

I only use UE4, pixplant, photoshop and speedtree.

On modeling work my friend, so I only work’s on level edit, texturing, rendering and blueprint.

UE4 works very god on low and medium specs, about 25-35 fps, but when I use hard or epic specification - in works under 10 fps.

Because learning is long process and I don think I will in next one year make something big or good - can you suggest me will 8 gb of ram be good for only UE4?
Ok, my plan is to buy next month another 4 gb of RAM and another month to buy some used GDDR5 1GB GPU like R7 240, HD 5770, 7750 or similar.

Will this be enough for smaller home editing in UE4?
Croatia is very poor country, we have small earnings etc…This is maxium what can I buy.

Sory for bad language, I’m not very good in English.


EDIT: of sory, I forget, I’m working on first person game, adventure with graphic like in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.


The main problem here is your integrated GPU … “And intergrated GPU from i3, sistem uses 1gb of ram.”

These will never work as well as a dedicated graphics card. You will be able to get away with the i3 and 4GB RAM … but the Integrated Graphics Card is never going to perform as expected.

yes, I know, and that is my plan, to buy another 4 GB RAM, and GPU card with 1 gb GDDR5 memory.

Will then my i3 4160+8gb ram+1 gb gddr5 gpu be enough for UE4 to run smoothly?

Load up with RAM.

UE4 is not the only app you will be using and it’s not unusual for me to be running UE4, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder and PhotoShop all at the same time.

Oh sorry … didn’t see that part … I blame my age. 8-{

Yes that should be sufficient … but if you can afford to … load up the RAM as FrankieV suggested. 8-}

So you suggest me that minimum 8 GB of ram just for UE4 or for all sistem?

What about GPU, will be hd 5770 or 7750 be good?


I am currently running 8GB RAM and I am contemplating upgrading to 16 GB … as FrankieV mentioned you usually end up with all sorts of applications open while doing Game Development.

The 5770 should be fine … but once again if you can afford the 7750 … then why not.

Ok then, I will now buy 8 GB of ram, and that will be 12 gb.

2 Gb will use integrated graphic.

And after 2 months when I will have another money, I will buy GPU.

Of course - and better power supply to buy arghhhh :frowning:

Honestly, at this point the GPU is more important than the RAM, it will control performance the most. The biggest problem you’ll face at the moment with RAM is when you build your lighting, you will be limited on level size because it has to load everything into RAM to bake the lighting and that can fill up very easily.

Ok, what about this i3 4160 proc?

When I was buying new computer - i was thinkig about AMD A8 6600K or this i3 4160.

Amd is quad core, but every test says that i3 works better - and i3 have 4 thread, so it can work like quad core.

This week I will buy another 8 gb of ram, so 12 gb will be good to now :smiley:

Look at benchmarks, AMD stats are usually high but give worse performance compared to Intel processors with similar stats.

Yes, I see that, and that is reason why I buy little expensive i3 proc than AMD, but 2 core less.
Plus this Intel socket have future.

I’m still working in UE 4.3, because it is most stable in my configuration. When I buy another ram, I will use UE 4.7. For now, 4.7 crashes a lot and is much slower than 4.3.

Oh, i have a problems with car this month, so i just ordered only 4 gb of ram. So for next 6 month this will be ok, I’m still begginer in UE4.

Next month goes GPU :smiley:

My config

Gigabyt M85 motherboard, i3 dual core 3.2 Ghz , 8 Gb DDR3 1600, SSD 128 GB, HD 750 GB/7200 rmp and an MSI Geforce 260 OC 876 Mb VRAM.

RAM use < 4 GB
CPU < 80%

UE editor runs just fine.

I’m saving for a EVGA 950 ftw 2 GB GDDR5 to speed up the procces and for Blender CUDA support :wink: